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[WA-UW] American Studies, full-time, first cycle

Code WA-UW-S1-AM
Organizational unit [WA-UW] University Warsaw
Field of studies American Studies
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 2
Duration 3 years
Recruitment committee address a.gniadzik-smolinska@uw.edu.pl
tel. (22) 55-33-326
WWW address http://www.asc.uw.edu.pl/
Required document
  • Maturity or equivalent document
There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (06.06.2022 00:00 – 12.09.2022 23:59)

The American Studies Center is an interdisciplinary research and higher-education institution of the University of Warsaw. Its faculty members specialize in various fields of knowledge about the United States and the Western Hemisphere—culture, literature, arts, film, media, history, economy, politics, history of ideas, society, and law.

The American Studies Center has a full-time liberal arts undergraduate program in American Studies. The program lasts three years (or six semesters). All instruction is conducted in English, by permanent, adjunct, and visiting faculty. Among our permanent faculty are Polish professors as well as professors from the US and Mexico.

The program covers both humanities and social sciences— the interdisciplinary field of cultural studies, history, political science, sociology, as well as literature. Cultural studies is the leading one in the program. The ASC American studies program is one of the largest in Europe. It’s also unique in Poland in that it is interdisciplinary and includes a comparative perspective on the US vis-à-vis Latin America. It’s also unique in that it’s an all-English program, thus promoting intercultural understanding and international exchange. Our American studies program teaches how “to address the problems of the modern era—locally, regionally, and supra-regionally,” and helps develop “skills most looked for by employers on today’s job market” (from the mission of the UW Institute of the Americas and Europe to which the ASC belongs).

The program includes obligatory courses introducing students to the five major disciplines as well as elective courses helping students expand their knowledge within individual disciplines, in particular knowledge relevant to research projects which students engage in for the purposes of their BA theses. The program also provides for courses on research methods in humanities and social sciences as well as courses in academic writing in English. Research grants allow our best students to travel abroad for research purposes to other American Studies libraries in Europe or the United States and to conduct empirical research there.

The current study program is available on the website of American Studies Center.

The graduates of the ASC’s undergrad program are awarded BA degrees in American Studies. They have knowledge allowing them understand various cultural phenomena, in particular those of the United States of America. Trained to understand various cultural phenomena and institutions, ASC alumni seek employment in the media, cultural institutions, foundations, institutions of state administration, local governments, and other public institutions.

Our graduates know how to formulate and address various research problems; they know how to identify, understand, interpret, explain and analyze the causes and dynamics of cultural processes and phenomena observable in the US. They know how to use various resources for this purpose and how to employ several research methods and tools developed in humanities and social sciences. ASC alumni have all the necessary skills and competences to collect, evaluate, and sort various facts of culture and society, and to draw conclusions. In short, they know how to carry out work done by researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, teachers of humanities and social sciences, social activists, and specialists working at various public institutions. Thanks to our interdisciplinary program, our graduates can not only recognize and understand basic phenomena and processes, but also collect, connect, and interpret them, and on their basis offer autonomous judgments and opinions.

Our BA graduates are equipped with skills and competences necessary to continue their studies at the MA level.

ASC graduates find employment in business, trade, journalism, media, cultural institutions, higher education, public administration, diplomacy, international organizations, and tourism.

ASC provides a comfortable environment for the students. The ASC has or makes use of 15 classrooms and lecture halls, fourteen of which are on the two floors of the UW “Ksawerow” building at Aleja Niepodleglosci 22. Apart from that, we hold lectures in one hall at UW major facility on the main campus, Auditorium Maximum, at Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28. We hold classes Monday through Friday between 9:45 a.m. and 6:15 p.m.

As for disabled access to our facilities, the big lecture hall we use at Auditorium Maximum is situated on the ground floor, whereas the “Ksawerow” building is fitted with an elevator. Both buildings have wheelchair ramps as well as bathrooms accessible for wheelchair users and fully adapted for disabled use.

Thirteen of the classrooms we occupy or are let to use are fitted with computer equipment, with Internet access as well as all the hardware and software necessary to play popular video formats, DVDs, and video CDs. Both at the “Ksawerow” building and Auditorium Maximum the wireless network EDUROAM is available.

The ASC Library collection is highly valued by students, researchers, and journalists in American studies. The library holdings include materials on both the United States and Latin America, in both humanities and social sciences.


Admission rules

Basis of qualification:

Oral online exam

Languages of conducting the qualification:


Information on documents certifying knowledge of English language. >> Check! <<

Exam range:

The exam will cover contemporary social issues of the United States of America, as well as basic information about political, social, and economic life of the USA and the region. Basic knowledge of facts about the US history and geography will also be evaluated. The exam consists of 4 questions, each worth 25 points.

Number of points possible to obtain: 100


Oral exam: 19th of September, 2022

Announcement of results: 26th of September, 2022

Reception of documents: 27th-28th of September, 2022

Required documents

List of required documents submitted by the candidates qualified for studies

Candidate from the Ukraine is exempted from the obligation of submitting legalization, apostille and sworn translation of high school/higher education diploma issued in foreign language. Candidate from the Ukraine submits regular translation of these documents. 

Limit of places available in this round of admission: 2