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Recruitment for 2nd degree studies for the academic year 2023/2024

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[ZS-USZ] International Economics

Organizational unit [ZS-USZ] University of Szczecin
Field of studies International Economics
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 10
Duration 4 semesters
Recruitment committee address admissions@usz.edu.pl
WWW address https://admissions.usz.edu.pl/pl
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Currently, admissions to the University of Szczecin do not take place on the website: ukraina.irk.edu.pl.


The University of Szczecin admissions take place only via the Online Admissions System: https://e-rekrutacja.usz.edu.pl/ between May 8th and September 22nd, 2023 (08.05 - 22.09.2023).

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International Economics is a degree programme in English. The programme helps develop social competence necessary to work in enterprises operating in the ever-changing and highly unpredictable global environment. The study programme has a modular structure, which increases flexibility in the course selection, allowing the students to have a greater variety of choice in building skills and competencies.


The graduates of International Economics will know:
• how to be creative and open to change
• how to act in an entrepreneurial way
• how to analyse socioeconomic phenomena and processes on a national and global scale
• how to choose and apply methods and tools, including advanced information and communication techniques in order to analyse socioeconomic processes
• how to cooperate in a team performing various functions and roles (including managerial ones).


International Economic Relations - advanced course, International Business Valuation, Advanced Analytics - Big Data, Digitalization and Platform Economy, Industry 4.0, International Financial Integration.


Our graduates work as:
• experts and consultants in public administration institutions,
• specialists in national and international companies
• economic analysts in international corporations


• E-economy
• Common/Global labor market
• Sustainable development
• International finance.


To qualify the candidate must hold at least an undergraduate degree (awarded upon completion of the first-cycle studies, Bachelor’s or equivalent).

The qualification criterion is calculated according to the following formula:
W = 0.5 O + 0.5 Ś, where:
O – is the grade on the diploma
Ś – is the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses during the first-cycle studies (such as grade point average=GPA), calculated according to the rules of the institution which awarded the degree to the candidate and confirmed by that institution.


Candidates must have a command of English sufficient to study in this language.


Students of International Economics will have the opportunity to prepare themselves perfectly for employment in the global economy. The location of Szczecin in the border region should be emphasized, which increases the possibilities of international cooperation. This is connected, among other things, with the generational renewal with respect to the managerial staff (especially in case of our western neighbours), and the accelerated development of border regions, including the Euroregion Pomerania. The study programme in English allows for the development of language competencies in terms of professional vocabulary and freedom and openness when establishing contacts and business relationships. An additional advantage of studying International Economics is the opportunity to work on joint projects with international exchange students, which allows one to share experiences and learn about the culture and customs of other countries.