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Recruitment for 2nd degree studies

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[ZS-USZ] Public Management

Organizational unit [ZS-USZ] University of Szczecin
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 8
Duration 4 semesters
Recruitment committee address rekrutacja@usz.edu.pl
WWW address https://kandydaci.usz.edu.pl/
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Currently, admissions to the University of Szczecin do not take place on the website: ukraina.irk.edu.pl.


The University of Szczecin admissions take place only via the Online Admissions System: https://e-rekrutacja.usz.edu.pl/ between June 6th and September 22nd, 2022 (06.06 - 22.09.2022).

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Master's degree programme in Public Management provides theoretical and practical knowledge about the way entities from the public, social and non-profit sector operate – its substance, principles and problems. These studies help develop competencies necessary to work in managerial positions or as specialists in public sector bodies at state or local level, as well as in non-governmental organizations, in associations, foundations and all kinds of institutions whose aim is to promote education or to publicize actions undertaken by authorities of a city or a region.


The graduates of Public Management will know:
• how to analyse processes related to the operation of public sector institutions organizations
• how to apply modern management methods aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization
• how to successfully manage public sector institutions using the best management practices
• rules of cooperation between public administration and its environment.


Methods and Tools in Public Management, Accounting and Reporting in Public Finance Sector, Project Management in Public Administration, Official Statistics, IT Tools in Management, Public Administration in Poland and in the European Union


Our graduates work as:
• specialists and managers in state and local government administration entities,
• specialists and managers in non-governmental organizations, associations and foundations aimed at promoting education or publicizing actions undertaken by authorities of a city or a region
• professionals and managers in international organizations in public, social and non-profit sectors
• specialists and managers in health care institutions


The curriculum has a modular design.


To qualify the candidate must hold at least an undergraduate degree (awarded upon completion of the first-cycle studies, Bachelor’s or equivalent).

The qualification criterion is calculated according to the following formula:
W = 0.5 O + 0.5 Ś, where:
O – is the grade on the diploma
Ś – is the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses during the first-cycle studies (such as grade point average=GPA), calculated according to the rules of the institution which awarded the degree to the candidate and confirmed by that institution.

Candidates must have a command of English sufficient to study in this language.


The curriculum offered by the programme fosters the development of active attitudes in the area of individual and team work, encourages creativity and develops the ability to present individual opinions in a constructive way. Additionally, the Public Management students have the opportunity to develop their language competencies, e.g. by learning professional vocabulary – a skill which can greatly increase their employability. Also, the programme provides an opportunity to and to work on joint projects with international exchange students and make acquaintances with interesting, inspiring people.