[WA-UW] African Studies, full-time, second cycle

In power from: 11 May 2022

Registration criteria

Admission rules

The condition to admission to the list of students is to get at least half of the points that can be obtained from the exam or the interview, whereas the result must also qualify the candidate for the ranking list within the admission limit provided for the given registration round.

Basis of qualification:

Stationary qualification interview

Languages of conducting the qualification:


Exam range:

The content of the interview is aimed at checking the general orientation of the candidate in the subject of future studies. During the interview, the candidate will receive two main questions:

1. In basic information about the region, cultural history and language (s) of the area covered by the studies.

2. Knowledge of basic grammar issues.

A candidate interested in learning an African language at an advanced level should certify the knowledge of the language at least at the A2 level (e.g. with a bachelor's degree in African studies, certificate of completion of a language course, etc.).

The number of points that can be obtained: 100.


Qualification interview: 22nd of June, 2022, 12:00, Warsaw, Tyniecka 15/17, room 012

Announcement of results: 24th of June, 2022

Reception of documents:


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by the candidates qualified for studies

Candidate from the Ukraine is exempted from the obligation of submitting legalization, apostille and sworn translation of high school/higher education diploma issued in foreign language. Candidate from the Ukraine submits regular translation of these documents. 

Limit of places available in this round of admission: 3