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Recruitment for 1st degree studies

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[WA-UW] Undergraduate Programme in International Relations, full-time, first cycle

Organizational unit [WA-UW] University Warsaw
Field of studies International Relations
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 1
Duration 3 years
Recruitment committee address pełny cykl kształcenia: linda.masalska@uw.edu.pl,
tel. (22) 552-29-86
kontynuacja studiów: a.parmee@uw.edu.pl,
tel. (22) 552-29-86
WWW address https://wnpism.uw.edu.pl/
Required document
  • Maturity or equivalent document
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There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (10.06.2022 00:00 – 05.07.2022 23:59)


The 3-year first-cycle degree full-time programme consists of six semesters (terms) and over 20 courses, together with a diploma seminar aimed at thesis preparation and individual focus. All courses are taught in English by experienced academic teachers. The unique format of the Undergraduate Programme in International Relations not only introduces students to the details of International Relations, but also renders them responsive to interdisciplinary concerns such as law, business, history and culture in their international dimensions.

The classes are run on weekdays from 8:00 till 20:00.

The graduates of the Undergraduate Programme in International Relations should have acquired knowledge and understanding of how international relations and the world economy function. The Programme graduate will possess analytical skills, necessary to understand local problems in a global perspective, as well as skills in communication, negotiation and persuasion. The graduate should be fluent in foreign language other than English and their mother tongue (B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference) and be able to apply the advanced vocabulary of international relations in that language. He/she should be qualified to work in:

  • central and local administration as mid-level policy officer or junior expert
  • international governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • local institutions (both governmental and nongovernmental) which collaborate internationally;
  • multinational corporations;
  • national and local business companies active in international markets.

Interdisciplinary character of the study programme would also enable the graduate to work in institutions that are not related to international relations.

More information at Faculty of Political Science and International Studies.


Admission rules

The condition to admission to the list of students is to get at least half of the points that can be obtained from the exam or the interview, whereas the result must also qualify the candidate for the ranking list within the admission limit provided for the given registration round.

Information on documents certifying knowledge of English language. >> Check! <<

Basis of qualification:

Online oral exam

Languages of conducting the qualification:


Exam range:

1. Decolonisation process - causes, timeline and consequences;

2. United Nations and its role in maintaining international peace and security;

3. Conflicts in Africa, Asia (including the Middle East), Europe;

4. Climate change - definition, causes, consequences;

5. Political systems - types and their characteristics;

6. Religions in the world;

7. Demographic trends in the contemporary world and identification of key demographic challenges;

8. State as a principal actor of International Relations;

9. European Union as an example of economic integration;

10. The role of transnational corporations (i.e. Coca-Cola, Samsung, Sony) in International Relations.

The maximum number of points to be obtained: 30



Oral exam: 11th-12th of July, 2022

Announcement of results: 19th of July, 2022

Reception of documents:

  • I round: 20th-22nd of July, 2022
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during I round): 25th-26th of July, 2022
  • III round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during II round): 27th-28th of July, 2022


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by the candidates qualified for studies

Candidate from the Ukraine is exempted from the obligation of submitting legalization, apostille and sworn translation of high school/higher education diploma issued in foreign language. Candidate from the Ukraine submits regular translation of these documents. 

Limit of places available in this round of admission: 1