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Recruitment for 1st degree studies

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[WA-UW] Archaeology, full-time, first cycle

Organizational unit [WA-UW] University Warsaw
Area/discipline Archeology
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 4
Duration 3 years
WWW address https://www.archeologia.uw.edu.pl/
Required document
  • Maturity or equivalent document
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  • Area of study: humanities
  • Discipline: archaeology

First-cycle full-time studies in Archaeology are the only such course with instruction in English offered in Poland. Over the last few years, our courses have garnered increased interest among foreign candidates.

The course programme extensively covers new trends in archaeological research and discusses archaeology’s social functioning. This lays a foundation for studies which, being focused mostly on the Mediterranean archaeology, aim to provide students with elementary knowledge and practical skills enabling them to participate in excavations anywhere around the world.

The programme includes a wide range of courses, from general introduction to ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and South America, through excavation methodology, to practical field documentation, data acquisition and processing techniques indispensable in the modern academic practice, or museology which prepares students to organise their own exhibitions and cooperate with cultural institutions. The final year of the first-cycle full-time studies, in addition to continuation of previous learning, requires students to choose a BA seminar and prepare their bachelor’s thesis.

A significant role within the programme is played by fieldwork practicum:

  • field survey, usually performed in spring or autumn;
  • no less than 3 excavation seasons, performed usually in summer. The excavations are directed by researchers affiliated by the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw, or abroad – in Egypt, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Italy (Sicily), South America, and many more locations.

The classes are held in the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw, namely the Main School which has housed the Institute of Archaeology for over a decade.

Detailed information about the first-cycle full-time studies in English can be found at the website of Faculty of Archaeology.

During the studies, students acquire specialist knowledge in archaeology enabling their active participation in excavations at sites of diverse character – reading and documenting stratigraphy, handling measuring devices, preparing research or museum catalogue entries, searching archives, performing scholarly analyses, drawing conservation records, as well as realising exhibitions.

Professional and general knowledge developed in the course of the studies, as well as competences in individual work and cooperation within a team, form a strong base for further studies at the second-cycle level in archaeology and other fields.


Admission rules

The condition to admission to the list of students is to get at least half of the points that can be obtained from the exam or the interview, whereas the result must also qualify the candidate for the ranking list within the admission limit provided for the given registration round.

Basis of qualification:

Oral stationary exam

Languages of conducting the qualification:


Information on documents certifying knowledge of English language. >> Check! <<

Exam range:

The exam will cover general knowledge of geography and world history with emphasis on ancient history and history of art. The exam will be based on the knowledge acquired during secondary school education.

The maximum number of points to be obtained: 40 points



Oral exam: 19th of September, 2022, Faculty of Archaeology UW, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw

Announcement of results: 26th of September, 2022

Reception of documents: 27th-28th of September, 2022

Required documents

List of required documents submitted by the candidates qualified for studies

Candidate from the Ukraine is exempted from the obligation of submitting legalization, apostille and sworn translation of high school/higher education diploma issued in foreign language. Candidate from the Ukraine submits regular translation of these documents. 

Limit of places available in this round of admission: 2