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Recruitment for 1st degree studies

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[PO-PUT] Sztuczna inteligencja (Artificial Intelligence)

Organizational unit [PO-PUT] Poznan University of Technology
Field of studies Artificial Intelligence
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Duration 3,5 years
Recruitment committee address study@put.poznan.pl
WWW address https://rekrutacja.put.poznan.pl
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Enroll for studies at Poznan University of Technology at https://rekrutacja.put.poznan.pl/en/

B.Sc. Eng. Programmes: Artificial Intelligence, 3.5 years (7 semesters)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is oriented toward development and application of computational technologies that are inspired by the ways people learn, reason, and make decisions. Since the field’s inception sixty years ago, it has experienced different trends with an unpredictable rate of progress. Nowadays, AI research and technologies pervade our lives, having greatly influenced domains such as transportation, entertainment, home and service robotics, education, security, and healthcare. This is mainly due to the deluge of data and a remarkable success of the data-driven paradigm, which has displaced the traditional paradigms of AI.

Poznan University of Technology offers a B.Sc. Programme in Artificial Intelligence, which is pioneering in Poland. The sevensemester programme has been launched as a response to a growing demand for highly specialized AI experts on both Polish and  international markets. The curriculum aims at providing graduates with an in-depth knowledge of computer sciences and mathematics needed for practical AI applications as well as an up-to-date knowledge of the latest AI trends. The courses are taught in English and delivered by the world-recognized scientists whose research in AI has been appreciated with the prestigious awards by international societies, journals, and conferences.

From the first semesters, the students get to know the elementary approaches of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis. The final two years are fully devoted to the hot areas of AI research. These include: big data and natural language processing, deep and reinforcement learning, computer vision, decision analysis and operational research, evolutionary computation, collaborative systems, Internet of things, and robotics. Apart from the knowledge of fundamental methods, the students gain interdisciplinary skills needed for building intelligent systems that can effectively collaborate with people as well as for applying these tools in different business sectors and domains oriented to consumers or society. The graduates are ready to work as computer programmers, data analysts, or machine learning engineers, and have sufficient knowledge to launch their own AI startups.


Enroll for studies at Poznan University of Technology at https://rekrutacja.put.poznan.pl/en/