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Recruitment for 1st degree studies

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[OP-PO] Renewable Energy Technologies

Organizational unit [OP-PO] Opole University of Technology
Field of studies renewable energy technology
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction Polish
Admission limit 2
Duration 3.5 years, 7 semesters
Recruitment committee address rekrutacja.ukraina@po.edu.pl
Required document
  • Maturity or equivalent document
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This is a profession dedicated to people looking prospectively who are characterised with: creative, analytical, logical and scientific mind, openness for the modern and future technologies, concentration skill, abstract thinking, precision and regularity, spatial imagination, dynamics in action, willingness and the ability of continuous improvement and adjusting to new challenges.  


A foreign, modern language and 2 subjects from the following: mathematics, information technology, physics (with astronomy), chemistry, Polish language.  


The graduate of the department may conduct his/ her own economic activity, manage a small company within the electro energetic sphere  or find employment in companies dealing with the design, installation, distribution, advice and diagnostics as well as servicing of all the different types of renewable sources of electric and thermal energy.  

The graduates may become private energy providers, they will be able to prepare reliable energy programmes e.g. for the needs of local governments in the sphere of prosumer energy and simultaneously they will be able to evaluate their impact on the natural environment and on the electro energetic and thermal sectors.  

A specialist in the area of renewable energy technology is one of the most future – oriented jobs with a technical profile. Nowadays, renewable energy technology belongs to the group of the most dynamically developing ones in Poland, European Union and in the world.  


The programme lasts 7 semesters in the daily, full – time mode - S (on site).

They are completed with obtaining a Bachelor degree (inżynier).

Among the basic educational contents it is possible to find: mathematical analysis and linear algebra, probabilistic methods, information technology, geometry and engineering graphics, physics.  

Among the facultative educational contents it is possible to find:

  • production of electric energy,
  • energy conversion systems,
  • data transmission systems in prosumer power energetics (EP)
  • measurement systems in EP,
  • renewable energy sources (OZE),
  • energetic audit,
  • safe use of electrical devices,
  • safety instrumented system,
  • electro energetic economy,
  • transmission of electrical energy,
  • basics of digital and micro processing technology,
  • electro energetic systems,
  • energy market, quality of electrical energy,
  • reliability in energetics,
  • safety management in energetics,
  • energy law,
  • energy policy,
  • economical account and energy management,
  • management in an energetic company,
  • electric devices,
  • disturbances in electro energetic systems,
  • cooperation of  OZE with the energetic system,
  • combined economy,
  • visualization and modelling of processes in electro energetics,
  • internet monitoring and implementation of OZE technology,
  • nanometerial technology,
  • modern materials in OZE technologies,
  • high voltage engineering,
  • surge and lightning protection.

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