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[WA-SWPS] Post-doc (Warsaw)

Position Post-doc, Psychology
Language(s) of instruction English
Recruitment committee address Anna Zając azajac2@swps.edu.pl
WWW address https://system.erecruiter.pl/FormTemplates/RecruitmentForm.aspx?WebID=ddc022b1d5294c279bb8648166201824
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There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (06.07.2022 00:00 – 16.09.2022 23:59)

  Research project name and description:

Providing social support from the perspective of one’s health: conditions and temporal dynamics.


The Polish-German “PROSPECT” project, funded by the National Science Centre (NCN) in relation to the Beethoven competition, examines the effects of social support. The aim of the project is to a) define, operationalise and identify the conditions under which the provision of support is beneficial from the perspective of the person offering it, and b) develop a theory to describe the changing health effects related to the provision of support by people from the general population. PROSPECT involves experimental studies as well as longitudinal and intensive longitudinal studies in natural conditions.


Project funded by the NCN – No. DEC-2020/39/G/HS6/02216.




Institute of Psychology



       preparing an online measurement in terms of an intensive EMA-type longitudinal study involving heart rate variability (HRV) measurements;

       recruiting respondents and carrying out baseline measurements;

       supervising the conduct of an EMA-type study with the HRV measurement and being responsible for the final quality of the acquired data;

       integrating databases and carrying out preliminary analyses;

       systematically reviewing the literature on the subject matter of this project and preparing materials based on recent publications;

        participating in the preparation of publications and dissemination of the research results.



       a master’s degree and PhD in psychology or in or health sciences – the latter obtained in an institution other than the SWPS University, not earlier than 7 years before the year of being employed in the  project;

       advanced in English;

       at least an advanced knowledge of the Polish language;

       at least 1 year of experience in working on science projects;

       documented research activities in the area of health psychology or, optionally, social psychology;

       experience in disseminating research results in the form of scientific publications and conference presentations;

       at least intermediate knowledge in the field of:

       health or social psychology, particularly in relation to the subject matter of this project;

       methodology, psychometrics and statistics, especially in terms of the measurement of heart rate variability (HRV) in the context of psychological research;

       at least intermediate skills in:

       conducting quantitative research, including diary studies or EMA-type methodology research and operating a selected online survey platform (e.g. Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey);

       carrying out statistical analyses, in particular analysis of longitudinal data collected under natural conditions;

       willingness to work on weekends and remotely;

       being systematic, reliable, punctual, self-reliable, committed to your job and enthusiastic about it, willing to solve problems and able to work in a team.

Candidates are requested to read the regulations of the National Science Centre (NCN Council Resolution No. 56/2017 of 8 June 2017) on the conditions of employment for post-doc positions, especially rules specifying that the following criteria should be met:

       During the course of the employment, the post-doc candidate is not allowed to work under employment contract with any other employer;

       During the course of the employment, the post-doc candidate shall not receive other remuneration in any form from the NCN funds;

       It is not allowed to hire the candidate if the project manager has been a supervisor/ dissertation co-advisor during the PhD studies of the candidate;

       The amount of funds for employment shall not exceed PLN 120,000 annually.

We offer:

       work contract for 34 months;

       salary in the amount of PLN 10 000  gross/monthly;

       work in a professional and friendly environment among outstanding scientists and influential experts.

Required documents:


       covering letter directly addressing the experience, knowledge and skills indicated in this job advertisement;

       scan of documents certifying a master’s degree and PhD in psychology or in health sciences.


Please apply electronically via the recruitment form https://system.erecruiter.pl/FormTemplates/RecruitmentForm.aspx?WebID=ddc022b1d5294c279bb8648166201824

Application deadline: September 16, 2022

Competition results announced: September 30, 2022

Date of commencement of work: October 2022

Formal criteria:

       Scientific achievements - 25% of the final grade;

       Competences to carry out tasks in the research project- 50 % of the final grade;

       Awards in the field of research - 25% of the final grade.

 Competition committee:

       Ewa Gruszczyńska, PhD Professor at SWPS University – Chair of the Committee

       Aleksandra Kroemeke, PhD. Professor at SWPS University - Member of the Committee

       Professor Paweł Ostaszewski- Member of the Committee

       Anna Zając – Committee Secretary

Link to the REGULATIONS.

For any additional information please send an email to: azajac2@swps.edu.pl

After reviewing applications, the highest-ranked candidates can be invited for an interview.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to contact only selected candidates.