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Study Visits

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Study Visits Programme for Ukrainian students and doctoral candidates at the University of Warsaw, who meet the following requirements:


1) have the status of a student or doctoral candidate of a higher education institution on the territory of Ukraine; are citizens of Ukraine or Poland; arrived (or will arrive) in the Republic of Poland not earlier than on February 24, 2022;

2) register in the Online Admission System for Candidates from Ukraine

3) submit all the required documents in Online Admission System for Candidates from Ukraine:

a) application form;

b) description of the study programme implemented at the Ukrainian university;

c) research plan at the University of Warsaw;

d) CV - in the case of PhD students;

e) document confirming affiliation with a Ukrainian university, e.g. scan of a student or doctoral candidate ID card, certificate of being a student or doctoral candidate, certificate of university admission - if the candidate is in the possession of such a document at the time of applying for participation in the Programme;

f) copy of a passport or other identity document;

g) document confirming crossing the Polish boarder not earlier than on February 24, 2022 or a declaration if the candidate is still in Ukraine.


Documents should be submitted in Polish or English.


Condition of participating in the Programme: submission of a research plan which has to be accepted by the hosting department at UW and an academic supervisor has to be appointed.


Duration of visits: from 3 to 6 months

Duration of the programme: April 26th, 2022 -  July 15th, 2023.


The main purpose of the visit is to conduct research. In addition, qualified students and doctoral candidates may, but do not have to register for classes at the University of Warsaw and a Polish language course, if the classes are available during the visit.


Accepted candidates will be exempt from the tuition fee and will receive funding for living expense and accommodation in the amount of up to PLN 1,500 per month (students) and up to PLN 2,100 per month (doctoral candidates).


Recruitment will be carried out on a continuous basis until the limit is reached.

Registration phases


No. Offer Phase 1 Phase 2
1 [WA-UW] Solidarity with Ukraine Study Visits from: 06.06.2022 11:11
to: 27.06.2022 23:59
from: 11.07.2022 17:00
to: 21.07.2022 23:59
2 [WA-UW] Study Visits from: 26.04.2022 13:11
to: 31.05.2023 23:59
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